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Sockers FC Chicago

About Us

MyTeamEvents.com is a calendar and commuications web site for athletic teams and clubs.

Parents and players can:

  • register and pay for tryouts, player pools, travel events, and development programs
  • view calendars for individual teams
  • view composite calendars for multiple teams (useful when the family has more than one player)
  • subscribe to team calendars
  • view team news
  • manage email and text messaging preferences

Club staff can:

  • manage tryouts
  • manage player pools and event rosters
  • maintain team calendars
  • post team news
  • send email and text messages to rosters

Club administrators can:

  • maintain a catalog of club offerings, including tryouts, player pools, travel events, and development programs
  • manage prices, automatic payment plans and discounts
  • manage player accounts, including registrations, payments, credits, and refunds
  • manage jersey number pools, allowing members to select jersey numbers while avoiding duplicates
  • manage field schedules
  • assign referees
  • bulk load games from league web sites for selected leagues

Please contact us at sales@myteamevents.com if you would like more information about MyTeamEvents.com.